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Retornados online dating

After regaining independence after several years of colonial rule, the Dominican government discussed the possibilities of annexation with U. After centuries of slow progress, the Dominican economy experienced new growth: Cuban immigrants, along with others from North America and Europe, brought new capital into the country.

They invested heavily in the sugar industry, which soon became the most important productive industry in the nation.

The Dominican Republic occupies the western half of the island.

African-descended slaves, Spanish colonizers, and Haitian invaders and later laborers, as well as other Europeans, Middle Eastern and Chinese merchants, and immigrants from neighboring Caribbean islands have all contributed to the diverse population and culture of the Dominican Republic.

Systematic research on the Dominican population in the United States is scarce, and newspaper and magazine coverage is sparse compared to the coverage received by other Caribbean immigrant groups (e.g., Cubans and Haitians).

Those studies that do exist rely on data from the 1980 census or from studies conducted in the early or mid-1980s.

Thus, upto-date, accurate, and complete information on Dominicans in the United States is difficult to find.

As the raw data from the 1990 census is analyzed and studied, more work on this important immigrant group will result.

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The number of Dominicans legally entering the United States between 19 was far greater than the number of Cubans: indeed, more Dominicans entered the United States in the last decade than any other Western Hemisphere national group except migrants from Mexico (Ruben G.