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It is surmised that sinkholes predominantly serve to by-pass the shallow soil zone and redistribute infiltration into the deeper unsaturated zone, rather than transferring rainfall directly to the water table.Chlorofluorocarbon measurements were used in approximating recharge origins to account for coastal proximity effects in the CMB method and pumping seasonality was accounted for in the WTF-based recharge estimates.The River Mati in Albania has formed a coastal plain with Holocene and Pleistocene sediments. The brackish water is often artesian and found to be thousands of years old.

As águas salobras são frequentemente artesianas e com milhares de anos de idade.

Best estimates of spatially and temporally averaged recharge rates for the basin are 52–63 and 47–129 mm/year from the CMB and WTF analyses, respectively.

Adaptations of both the CMB and WTF analyses to account for nuances of the system were necessary, demonstrating the need for careful application of these methods.

Além disso, os metais pesados são encontrados predominantemente nas fases suspensas e coloidais.

Duas assinaturas de isótopos de enxofre, uma refletindo o sulfato da água do mar na água subterrânea salobra (δWe are thankful for the support from the Swedish Environmental Agency and for the good management provided by Julia Obrovac during the study.

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Des adaptations des deux analyses BMC et FTA ont été nécessaires pour tenir compte des particularités du système, démontrant la nécessité d’une application soigneuse de ces méthodes.