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Leo is like a third brother to Lukas and his family. It's a good thing they both have the support of Lukas's family, who are charming, funny, old and a lot of fun. A friend of mine lived a couple of houses down from Di Caprio for a summer, and she said there was a parade of built, black men going in and out of his house. Here's a video of Leo approaching Zac efron (who he hang out before) at the Knicks game...

Searching for a Chester interview quote, I found just a mention and a bit of gossip from 1997.

This guy was so authentic that I have always considered it to be my best piece of gossip.

I have had lots of stars onboard and have seen lots of things but I believe this to be absolutely true.

Oldest news.[quote]was outed by an actor by the name of Craig Chester in an issue of the gay magazine Genre two years ago.[quote]is continually said to be a real, big queeny girl when he's at parties and other events, and is continually rumored as having been seen in New York and in Los Angeles either with teenage boys or trying to pick them up.[quote]there was a report about the choreographer from Romeo Juliet saying at the Australian premiere of the movie that Leo was "absolutely gay" and that he loves dark-haired men.

Lukas and Leo are as close as brothers - maybe the played around at some point but Leo is super close to Lukas and his brother. Lukas and Leo have benefited from them and they are well-grounded because of them.

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