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Jones was asked to sing a shortened version of the song on the award show. So Alan Jackson cut off his own performance of in 1996.The title track made it all the way to number one as the second single off the record. Tracy Lawrence could deliver a song in the vein of traditional country artists from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The two debated about the song thinking it may have too many words to become a hit.The father of the girl in the song is a little angry with the boy because he’s a little rough around the edges.The girl’s mother then has to remind her husband that he was the same way when they started dating. Her talent, dedication, and collection of songs made her a legend. It’s about young love and the great feeling of falling and being in love.The song has a unique beat that tells the story of a family over the course of many years. Together they finally decided that was the unique feature of the song that would make it stand out to listeners.The two were right and the song quickly climbed to the top of the charts in 1995.The song marked the first time the band was without its lead singer.It’s usually difficult for bands to overcome the loss of a distinguishing part success, but Restless Heart had what is their biggest hit.

The song tells the story of a young couple in love.

Sammy Kershaw debuted in 1991 with his debut hit single was catchy and fun to sing along to and fans ate it up.

Kershaw built a solid career throughout the ’90s and never felt bad about the comparisons to the great George Jones.

It was the fourth and final single from his 1992 smash hit album has become his signature song.

The tune is about a guy that loses the love of his life. He sees all the things that her new love does and he wonders why he couldn’t do those simple things to make her stay.

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If there is a signature song for the great Pam Tillis it has to be the passionate .

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