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And since beauty seems to be a universal constant no matter what the culture (based upon factors such as facial features and waist to hip ratios), it’s hard to get away from the influence of attractiveness in dating and mating.

Dr Burriss said the idea echoes the Dr Hook song When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman.

These data were taken from a 10-day period in the summer of 2005.

The two data sets allowed the researchers to first determine whether individuals perceived as less attractive by others are more willing to date others who are also perceived as less attractive, and second to see whether people’s own attractiveness affects their ratings of others’ attractiveness.

‘Attractive women might generally prefer short-term relationships.

They’re better placed to move on.’It is also possible the relationships end due to jealous behaviour from the woman’s less photogenic partner.

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People don’t delude themselves into thinking that when they date someone as unattractive as themselves, that the person they date is more attractive than they really are.