Dating mother and daughter

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They like to cook, watch movies and that kind of thing." While they continue to successfully evade cameras (they were last photographed together sneaking a kiss in early May), eager fans continue to speculate about a potential engagement.

Though no such milestone has been confirmed, as a source told E!

The Old Bailey heard on Thursday how Miss Day and Morris had been locked in a bitter dispute over child maintenance payments.

They had been in a relationship from 2008 until they split in March 2016.

A few minutes later, she walked past with her 13-year-old son, from another relationship, but they did not say anything.

At 6pm, Morris text her saying, 'Ok just so I understand this, your (sic) gonna go through with cms?

In April 2016, Miss Day, who worked as a receptionist on the neuroscience ward at King's College Hospital, reported to police she was being harassed by Morris.

Pictured above, the scene of the murder Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, said: 'She said that he had been sending abusive text messages to her and calling her repeatedly.'A few days later, on April 19, she was granted a non-molestation order against Morris at the Central Family Court, which expired a year later.

Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey: 'Although the amount he was being asked to pay was relatively modest, his earnings were also relatively modest.'Miss Day said she was 'struggling' and had two children to feed, but he accused her of doing it for 'revenge', adding: 'You leave me with no choice.'On the day of the attack, May 25, 2017, Morris text his mother saying: 'I'm saying goodbye to all of you. Just tell everyone I'm sorry but I had to do this.'At 5.45pm the day of the attack, Morris bought a can of beer and sat down on a wall near Miss Day's home in West Norwood, south London.

The prosecutor said: 'Emma called out, 'what are you doing?

' They were to be her last words.'Despite a struggle between Miss Clarke and Mr Morris, he was able to lunge at Emma Day, slashing her neck in the process.'Mr Morris then ran off down the hill, but not before he had discarded the knife.'The victim had two stab wounds to her back penetrating her lung, and she was declared dead at the scene at 7.41pm.

Ms Whitehouse said: 'He seemed sweaty, dirty and under the influence of alcohol.

He approached the group, and said to his daughter, 'I'm really sorry.' The daughter backed away.'Mr Morris then started to beg Emma about the child support payments.

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Miss Day said in a statement he was controlling, verbally abusive and liable to lose his temper when he had been drinking.