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" "Ok mom you can quit holding it now and you can quit comparing me to dad for fuck's sake.

" "Ok Honey spread those butt cheeks really well cause I don't want my fingers ruining that little cute butthole of yours." "Oh Jesus mom you're killing me! What the fucking is going on with me." "Mom why are you taking your clothes off?

Please don't stop." "Okay you nasty little bastard. I swear it's gotten bigger since we started." "Go ahead." "Oh my gosh it's almost 11 inches.

" "Well you were just asking me downstairs how my cock's size compared to dad's.

" "Well son you know, I am just trying to help here." "Okay mom thank you very much, I'll return to my room now if you don't mind." "Oh yeah sure you poor little thing." ********** "Honey are you still in the shower? Why didn't you close the goddamn curtains for Christ's sake?!

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That's for sure." "Okay then put a goddamn towel around you! I want you to be really careful while you make me moist down there.