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In fall, Kosovar Albanians observe Thanksgiving Day (Darka e Lamës).

Heroic epics and ballads as well as oral prose traditionally played an important part in relaying the history and myths associated with the ethnic groups of Kosovo.

Family support networks remain very strong, even when some members live outside the country.

In the early 21st century, ski resorts were under repair following years of neglect and war damage.

Kosovo Museum (2002), the Academy of Sciences and Arts (1975), and the National Theatre (1946; originally located in Prizren).

Construction of an opera house, named after the pre-independence Kosovar Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova, began in the capital in 2009.

Reflecting Albanian customary law, blood feuds between families were a fairly common occurrence—especially in western Kosovo—until the 1990s, when University of Pristina professor In Kosovo’s largely secular society, most people dress in Western clothing.

Although Muslim women and girls generally do not wear head scarves, in 2009 the ministry of education banned them from schools, arousing controversy.

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